Why Appollo Security?

We take the view that no two assignments are alike. Our custom-made security services are designed to ensure all the particular requirements of each assignment are clearly identified with the service provision structured to meet those requirements.

We remain flexible to our 'customers' changing needs and requirements.

Selecting the right personnel for each assignment.

We reward our team with the right level of pay.

Scheduling employees to work sensible hours.

Provide professional and ongoing training.

Attentive, proactive and supportive management.

Regular monitoring of the service provision.

Providing quality of service over all else.

Appollo People Philosophy

The difference between one organisation and another is the performance of its people.

We consider the selection of people to carry out and manage the duties entrusted to us by our customers vitally important.

Career opportunities, certificates & accreditations and employee of the quarter charity are awarded. We therefore take the well-being of our people very seriously. Our staff employment package should reflect the responsibility of the tasks they are performing.

In an industry known for low pay and long hours we take pride in the selection of the right people for the job, remunerated with the right level of pay and working sensible hours. This enables us to attract and retain high calibre personnel more often than the competition and provide continuity and consistent high quality service.


?How long has Appollo been in operation?
Key personnel have on average between 10 and 15 years' industry experience within the Construction industry.
?I am not sure what I need. Can I meet with a representative?
Yes, we would be more than happy to arrange meeting to go through what your requirements are, to come up with the most practical and cost effective system. (Man Guarding, CCTV, Mobile patrols)
?Do you operate recognised quality standards?
Yes, we are an SIA approved contractor, which at present is the highest industry standard, we also have the safecontractor accreditation, ISO 9001. We are also Construction line certified meaning we are continuously audited and checked by third parties as well as constant in house auditing to keep Appollo moving forward.
?Can references be provided?
References can be provided from all areas and all sectors of the security industry.
?Can you arrange presentation of your services?
Yes, this can be arranged and we have found this to be most helpful in particular when discussing CCTV, as the system we use we truly believe is the best on the market at present.